Hiring Resources for Congregations

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Hiring Resources for Congregations

Dear Search Chairs, Rabbis, Friends,

The search for a new Cantor is a serious and a holy endeavor. Every member of your congregation will be affected by its outcome. Every worshipper, all B’nei Mitzvah, singers, instrumentalists, learners of all ages and newcomers who find their ways in should be able to connect with a Cantor who is warm and energetic, who sings from the heart and who opens their voices, too. This hypothetical Cantor will be a learner and a seeker alongside you, even as s/he leads. This Cantor will be eager to join your congregational family and to support your synagogue’s vision. The Placement Department of the ACC will do everything it can to help you in your search for your next Cantor.

The information listed below is intended to provide inspiration to the members of your search committees. Although much of it can be used in its current "as-is" state, we provide this information as a guideline. We are grateful to previous search chairs who bequeathed these helpful guidelines and suggestions to us, so that the wheel would not be constantly in need of reinventing! Our Placement Evaluation Survey indicates that these materials have been helpful to search committees in the past, so we have made them available to you here.

For sample cantorial pulpit position descriptions, a sample search committee b'rit (covenant) and a sample in-person interview feedback questionnaire, please click on the links at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions about the information below, please call Director of Placement, Cantor Kay Greenwald at 650-963-9722 or email her at kgreenwald@accantors.org.

Cantor Gail Hirschenfang, Director of Member Support, is the ACC’s resident expert on matters pertaining to salary and to contractual issues. She can be reached at 845-559-3818 or via email at ghirschenfang@accantors.org.