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Notes Worth Knowing
February 14, 2018

At the 2017 ACC-GTM Convention in Las Vegas, we inaugurated the Ba'al Chazon Award for Vision, designed to recognize the wide range of our members’ talents and contribution in and beyond the pulpit.

If you are a cantor who fits into one of these categories or if you know of a colleague who fits into one of these

Ten Minutes of Torah
Cantor David Frommer
December 8, 2017

So, tell me if this story sounds familiar. A powerful person, well known in our Jewish community, commits sexual indiscretions with a powerless victim at will, but condemns the victim when their involvement threatens the offender’s honor and prestige. Who are we talking about here? Producers Harvey Weinstein and Bret Rattner, or actor Jeffrey

Member Post
Cantor Seth Warner
August 28, 2017

Shabbat Shoftim

It might seem redundant that the language of our prayers and the texts we read from week to week don’t really vary that much.  Sure, we change them up a little bit, with different musical settings, with different prayers highlighted and with different passages of Torah commented on.  But on the whole, the

Notes Worth Knowing
Cantor Steven Weiss
July 26, 2017

ACC/GTM Convention
Monday Morning D’var Torah
Monday, June 26, 2017

Boker Tov!

As Rabbi Wendy Geffen put it: When it comes to high drama, it’s hard to beat the portion we read this past Shabbat morning, Parashat Korach. When Moses’s first cousin, Korach, challenges the leader’s authority, Moses retorts by

Member Post
Cantors Rachel Stock Spilker and Todd Kipnis
May 12, 2017

The ACC and the URJ are jointly working on a Worship Music Toolkit for Small Congregations. It consists of sheet music, videos of cantors singing, clips of cantors explaining the liturgy behind the music, and additional music resources. It is intended exclusively for small congregations (250 and under) who do not have a cantor or a soloist on