Introducing the Ba'al Chazon for Vision Awards

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Introducing the Ba'al Chazon for Vision Awards

At the 2017 ACC convention in Las Vegas, we will be inaugurating a new category of awards.  Today’s ACC board members want to recognize the wide “range” of our members’ cantorial talents.  So we happily and proudly announce…


We want to highlight the broad scope of the efforts made by Reform cantors, not only those efforts made in the pulpit, but also those made beyond the pulpit. 

Our members engage in work that provides sustenance, uplift, support, healing, comfort, inclusion and wisdom.  Among our members are cantors who feed the hungry, conduct chaplaincy work and volunteer as teachers. Their work penetrates silence of all kinds.

If you ARE a cantor who fits into one of these categories or if you KNOW OF a colleague who fits into one of these categories, please complete the nomination form below.

Nominations are to be submitted by ACC members only. Honorees in each category will receive an award at the annual convention and a dedicated article focusing on the particular vision of the honoree. Nominations will be open in all categories from now through the end of May.

Cantors will be recognized in five categories:

  • Youth engagement work
  • Adult engagement work
  • Inclusion awareness
  • Interfaith community and individual outreach
  • Social Action leadership

Thank you for allowing us to officially confer kavod on these outstanding cantors.