2012 Convention Registration is OPEN!

Registration is now open for the 2012 ACC/GTM Convention! The Convention this year takes its tone from the host city of Portland, Oregon, a place known both for its vibrant and energetic culture, and also for its laid-back warmth and stunning scenery. Here, participants will enter into a "retreat" environment where your minds can be challenged, your bodies restored, and your souls opened to new possibilities. 

This attitude is reflected in our two keynote speakers:
Alan Morinis-The leader of the Mussar Institute in Vancouver, Canada, Alan will speak on the Mussar Tradition which imparts wisdom and tools for character development grounded in Torah, enabling all Jews to elevate their souls--and through them, those of all humankind--to holiness. (Read more
Rabbi Steven E. Kaye-Those who attended the last ACC-GTM Convention in Boston were introduced to Steve's vibrant and innovative ways of coaching participants to re-think, re-build, and revitalize their congregations and working models. With over 15 years of professional experience in Organizational Development, Team Building, and Executive Coaching, Steve is known for his highly interactive and participatory style of seminars. Participants complete his sessions having practical and applicable materials that make an immediate difference. (Read more)
We will continue to inform you about the innovative workshops and additional programs that grow in number and scope each day. Please remember that those who sign up early have a preferred spot to be selected for participation in the various functions at Convention. As always, we will try to involve as many people as possible. Join us in PORTLAND 2012 - Dreaming, Standing, Working Together As One! 

For information on joining the Guild of Temple Musicians or other Convention related questions, please contact Rachel Roth in the ACC office.

Download a copy of the DRAFT schedule here.

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