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Message from our President

This Israel convention edition of Koleinu contains many reminiscences and memories of what can only be described as a once in a life time Israel experience with friends, colleagues, and family members. In addition to the words you'll read and pictures you will see, we have included music, recordings, and video links in an effort to bring every member of our Conference a taste of the convention as well as an opportunity to grow and learn.

ACC News and Events

ACC Launches New Yammer Site for Communications

ACC Launches New Yammer Site for Communications
As you know, we have spent a significant amount of time training and encouraging our members to use the Tent as a replacement communication tool for all ACC informal communications. The original portion of the Tent was built by the URJ in a product called SharePoint. The SharePoint Tent has some limitations and after many months of ongoing conversations with Larry Glickman, director of the Knowledge Network, and the folks at the URJ, they have heard the feedback. They have been working with their technology experts and have developed a platform for "The Tent" on Yammer which we believe better fits the needs of our membership and something that you will find as user friendly as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

ACC Volunteer of the Month is Cantor Lisa Segal

Cantor Lisa Segal holds a BA in Sociology from the University of Florida. She completed certification through the ACC/HUCSSM in 2007.