Introducing Shirei Mishkan HaNefesh: New Music for the High Holy Days

by Cantor Steven Weiss
I remember the first moments that I sat in the sanctuary at Temple Beth El of Great Neck and heard my cantor, Barbara Ostfeld, sing the majestic Avinu Malkeinu of Max Janowski for the first time. With the organ and the choir joining her, I felt the emotion well up inside of me as I realized the impact that this incredible music had on me.

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ACC Embraces Supreme Court Ruling

A proud day to be an American religious leader committed to a community of inclusivity and equality. The American Conference Of  Cantors embraces the ruling of the Supreme Court.

ACC Volunteer of the Month is Cantor Miriam Eskenasy

Cantor Miriam Eskenasy is a 2002 HUC-DFSSM graduate. Her last pulpit was at KAMII in Chicago. Now semi-retired, she is the part-time spiritual leader for a small congregation in Gary, Indiana.