Reform Movement Leaders React to the Elections in Israel

New York, NY, March 18, 2015 - Today we join supporters of democracy around the world in marveling at the vibrancy of Israeli society and the openness of her electoral process. We stand ready to work with the Prime Minister, the leaders of the new government, and those in the opposition as well, to ensure that Israel remains strong and secure, and to advance the values of democracy, peace, and pluralism to which we are unshakably committed.

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ACC Welcomes New Associate Members

We are so pleased to announce the newest Associate Members of the American Conference of Cantors voted into membership at the March 2015 Executive Board Meeting! Mazel tov to Cantor Rica Timman, Cantor Juval Porat, Cantor Jennifer Duretz Peled, Cantor Robin Joseph, Cantor Magda Fishman, Cantor Marsha Attie! Welcome! We're excited to have you!

ACC Volunteer of the Month is Cantor Nancy Kassel

ACC Volunteer of the Month is Cantor Nancy Kassel

Cantor Nancy Kassel is a 1991 graduate of HUC-SSM. She is the Cantor at Temple Beth Tikvah in Roswell, Georgia.

In what capacity have you volunteered for the ACC? Years ago I helped with the creation of the convention packets (bag, free goodies, etc.) and also with the T’filah Committee. Recently I’ve been on PAG, the ACC Placement Advisory Group that functions as a sounding board for the placement director. For the past two years I have worked on a committee created to commission new music for Shirei Mishkan HaNefesh.